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Technical Office

The staff’s technical expertise has set Atimar apart from its competitors since the very beginning. Standing out as a partner capable of dealing with problems and suggesting solutions, and not just as a commercial undertaking which buys and sells products, has always been a key priority. For this purpose, our staff periodically attend training courses held by the companies we represent, to keep up-to-date.

As far as Original Equipment is concerned, we can support our customers at the stage of designing the braking system, preparing technical diagrams, or helping them to draw up projects; we also assist them in theoretically checking braking operation and efficiency by calculating braking times with proprietary software of the parent company, and, finally, performing static and dynamic tests on the system.

As regards industrial automation, we provide support from the start, by carrying out technical inspections or recommending the products that can best satisfy the customer’s requirements when we are asked for quotes. We also supply after-sales assistance, dealing with any problems that might arise during the life of a system.

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