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Our brands

Wabco vehicle plants

Wabco: technologies and services that improve the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles: complete braking systems, vehicle stability control systems and air suspensions.

Provia vehicle plants

Provia means high quality products for commercial vehicles at fair prices, with no compromise on safety.

Kongsberg vehicle plants

Kongsberg is an OEM supplier of clutch servos as well as of gearbox actuators and cables and v-stays for tractor chassis to leading manufacturers.

Jurid vehicle plants

Jurid is the manufacturer of brake pads, brake blocks and brake discs par excellence.

Valx vehicle plants

Valx manufactures trailer and semitrailer axles designed to provide outstanding sturdiness.

Aventics automation products

Aventics is a manufacturer of pneumatic components and systems, including cylinders, proportional valves and electrically operated valves, integrated with electronic components.

Bosch Rexroth automation products

Bosch Rexroth develops drive and control technology for machinery for industrial and mobile applications. Their product range includes solenoid valves, cylinders, gear pumps and filters.